Official partner of the Dutch Burglary Prevention Weeks

Yale Smart Living is official partner of the National Burglary Prevention Weeks, an initiative of various manufacturers, the Dutch Association of Insurers and the Ministry of Security and Justice. The aim of the foundation is to make house owners more conscious of the risks of burglary. And to stimulate them to take preventive measures, such as good locks or outside lighting.

The National Burglary Prevention weeks are organized twice a year, in May and November. During these months all parties are planning campaigns and the foundation creates a lot of publicity in national newspapers, on the radio and television. Also the Government of public announcement invests in a large campaign with commercial spots on television and point out that people should lock their door with a key. A perfect opportunity for Yale Smart Living to benefit this free publicity.

As marketing and sales team of Yale we’ve called on DIY shops, locksmiths, security companies and ironmongers to promote our products in this period, with discounts and sales promotion. We have started a social media campaign, established a special winter campaign for locksmiths and organized free security markets in DIY stores.

This foundation is a good example of the methods used to combat house break-ins in the Netherlands. The National Burglary Prevention weeks in May has been very successful because all parties were involved, both public and private. The last year there has been a strong decline, and that’s fantastic. Unfortunately the current total number of break-ins is still too high especially on rental housing. This will be the new theme of November and also Yale will support the foundation again with our Smart Living concept.