Yale's Smart CCTV systems are available in HD720 or 1080 options, both with easy DIY set-up. With a range of accessories available and a choice on the number of cameras your need, you can tailor your system to your home security requirements.

CCTV Getting Started

What do the LED lights signify on the DVR?

Left LED light - power light

Middle led light - green if recording

LED light to the right - will flash if being remotely accessed 

Can I setup e-mail alerts?

Unfortunately this feature is no longer available. 

How do I connect my CCTV system to my TV?

Via the HDMI/VGA Ports on the back of the DVR.

I skipped the QR code to download the app in set-up, can I go back to it?

You can access this QR code after installation by choosing “Quick Start” under the right click menu.

How do I set the date and time?

Right click on the mouse, then left click on ‘Main Menu’. Hover over settings then move down to ‘General’. Left click on ‘general and here you’ll find the time zone.

For further information please refer to the installation manual included with your product, or view Yale’s Smart HD CCTV installation manual here (link to PDF found here


Adding Cameras

How many cameras can I have on my system in total?

That depends on what CCTV kits you have. Please see the list below:

  • 1080 HD 2 CAM – maximum 4 cameras
  • 1080 HD 4 CAM – maximum 8 cameras
  • 720 HD 2 CAM – maximum 4 cameras
  • 720 HD 4 CAM – maximum 8 cameras
  • 960 H 2 CAM – maximum 4 cameras
Can I add IP cameras to my system?

Yes, on DVRs marked as ‘HYBRID’. Please refer to Yale’s guidance document here (link to PDF on this page

Can I add additional cameras to an existing CCTV system?

Yes, dependent on the model of your DVR you can either add an additional 2 or 4 cabled BNC cameras, or add IP cameras via WiFi.

Using Your CCTV System

What is the longest Camera cable you have?

30 metres of Yale BNC cable, or up to 100 metres of continuous shielded cable. 

Can I access my system via a weblink?

This feature is not available.

Can I back up footage? If so, how?

This can be done in the playback option, using a USB memory stick. 

Can I link a Yale connected Smart Lock and Yale CCTV kit?

Yes, you will need to purchase the CCTV/Alarm Link Adaptor  (this can also be used with Yale Connected Smart Locks, as well as alarms or CCTV) and follow the instructions provided.

Will my cameras work at night?

Yes, all Yale cameras have infrared night vision and are equipped to function at night.

Can I view my camera feeds on my phone?

Yes, providing your DVR is connected to your home broadband you can view footage via the Yale CCTV App when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G.

Can I use the DVR wirelessly?

No, you have to connect this directly into the router using an Ethernet cable.

How do I record?

From the Main Menu, hover over ‘Record’ and then move the mouse over ‘REC Config’ and left click to select.

Here you will be able to set your DVR to different recording formats

How do I use the Yale mouse?

  • Left Click – Selects the item covered by mouse pointer
  • Right Click – Back or escape function allows you to go back to previous menu or screen
  • Scroll Wheel – Allows you to flick through the cameras on full screen

Veelgestelde vragen Yale View app


My DVR is not recording any footage?

Check the hardrive. Go into the professional menu and click on HDD manage. Check capacity, format disk if necessary (please note this will wipe all stored information).

***GENERAL MAINTENANCE ADVICE ***   we advise to maintain the hardrive, by having auto re-boot set to 'ON' in the settings section of the main menu.

My password is not working?

Try the factory default first in case this has not been changed changed. Admin is the username and leave the password blank.

The CCTV password is case sensitive and will need to be entered exactly how it was set up. If not please request an override password from

My CCTV System keeps freezing

You may need a system upgrade, for further information please e-mail

My CCTV System allows me to access the main menu but no images are visible on the monitor?

Make sure the connectors are securely in, also check the power supply to the cameras.

I can’t download the app

Please check your phone settings to see what version your phone is running on. Most phones running Android 4.0 and above, or IOS version 7.0 and above will be compatible.

I'm getting a white cloudy image mist across the camera image, what is this?

Lighting around the camera at night will cause this, such as security lights or street lamps. Try relocating the camera to test. 

I'm getting a blank screen/I cannot see a menu

This means that the resolution has been altered, you will need to connect this to a monitor to change the resolution back to default, or factory reset to take this back to the default. 

My DVR is not recording to the full capacity

This is because settings have been changed or more cameras have been added.

For example, if your DVR is set to 'always record' then this will give you the shortest recorded time period.

If you select an option such as 'motion detection', this will give you a longer recording period as less data is being stored.

 The same applies to the number of cameras used on the system. An increase in cameras may reduce the recording time period due to an increased amount of data being stored.